“You are truly are a gifted and caring lady”

I have known you for 6 years now and initially came to you via a recommendation from a friend. I was having terrible headaches. About a year after I met you, I was faced with one of the most challenging times in my life to date, when my father passed away. Although I was coming to you for massage at the time, it soon became an “off loading” session as well. I truly believe I have learnt so much from you Julianne. You helped me and are still helping me getting through some challenging times. From being there, just listening but by also subtly making me view things in a different light, open up about things that are bothering me. I learnt from you that by simply saying something out loud it can help get it off your chest. You have a very special talent of getting me to open up without making me feel like I am. You are truly are a gifted and caring lady.

— Jacinta Gascoigne

“You empower women”

You are a “healer” - not just of the physical but because of your intuitiveness. As your hands massage the blocked pathways or knots in stressed muscles you too are releasing the tension that comes from behind the physical to help “unblock” the deeper causes that need attention and identification. You always treat the cause not the symptom.

You have total passion for your role and what this means to support others. I know that may sound “twee” but you really care for your clients - way beyond a normal therapist level but as if we are actually your friends or family. I literally feel as if I have just walked into a friend’s house and even if it has been months between visits you remember my situation.

You empower women. You gently remind us that in order to nurture others we must take care of ourselves first (and with the demands of work, life and family) these messages do not often come from within.

— Maree


"Jules has magic hands, I come into her lovely environment and come out feeling brand new, revitalised and fantastic"



“Julianne is a healer”

Julianne is a healer, she deeply care’s about people and is super intuitive.

I’ve been coming to see Julianne because she is the best at what she does. She has a very deep understanding and knowledge that she imparts with every treatment. Aside from amazing chats every time, I’ve never left after a treatment not feeling aligned and put back together. I always leave with some new understanding or insight about what is directly going on in my body or how what is going on in my environment is affecting my body.

Julianne offer’s substantial value in how she is able to make people feel both physically and emotionally cared for and really taken care of in such a holistic sense.

— Carolyn Ebrey

“The hot stones are a god send”

I would just like to pass on my thanks to you for every little muscle you have made feel a million bucks after visiting you! I have been coming to see Julianne since 2005, and have found my back, shoulders and neck are so much better now than when I started coming. Julianne you are so so caring, gentle and thoughtful, and I am going to miss coming to see you to fix my poor broken body! The hot stones are a god send, melting away all the pain of a working day. Can't thank you enough!

Would definitely recommend the Harvey Centre to anyone, for any thing, from an injury to a regular treat. I have had a couple of friends see Julianne after my nagging, and they really enjoyed their visit. Will be calling in when I am in the country again, thanks so much for everything!

— Sarah