Ease the aches and changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the hardest and gratifying experiences the body can endure.

In our clinic I’ve noticed that pregnancy causes mum-to-be posture to change - counteracting and helping balance the growing and developing baby.

While pregnant, the way the body changes can cause pain, discomfort and stress. These rapid changes during pregnancy can leave you feeling achy and exhausted with lower and upper back pain, sciatica, headaches and, often to your surprise, wrist and arm pain.

Imagine an exaggerated ‘S’ shape to your spine - the sway in your lower back increases as your baby grows which can create sciatica-like pains through your glutes and down your leg.

Your shoulders can become more rounded as a natural side effect of the lower body changes. We’re more round-shouldered these days even prior to pregnancy due to increased screen time on our computers and phones, and now there can be even more pressure with pregnancy. Have you noticed your arms, wrists and hands are feeling the pressure?

Pregnancy and Neuromuscular Therapy Massage will help keep your muscles as evenly distributed as we can during your pregnancy. This includes massaging your gluteus muscles, legs, neck and shoulders plus arms and hands.

You may wish to consult with your doctor or your lead maternity carer before beginning any new therapeutic procedure including massage therapy in case there are any complications or contraindications in your particular pregnancy.

Overall, the benefits of massage therapy can improve prenatal health for many pregnant women.

Included within each session time is a consultation, massage treatment and time for dressing. 



1 hour