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Get Your Life Back!

Reclaim Lost Activities

Has your body been aching and in pain for some length of time?  Months? Years? Decades?

Is your lifestyle a factor in creating your aches and pains?

Are you looking for help to maintain your active life?

Are you ready for a Turn Around Programme that will accelerate you out of pain?

Introducing the 8 Week Turn Around Programme

Julianne has helped hundreds of people get out of pain using Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy.  She's now created the Turn Around Programme (TAP) to fast track a holistic process for you to get out of pain swiftly and safely.  It's a step-by-step treatment programme that's individually adapted for you.

What is included in TAP?

An initial consultation covering:  

  • Your health history
  • A Postural Analysis
  • Your goals for the outcome of this treatment plan
  • Arranging your TWO appointments each week for the next EIGHT weeks


Eight weeks of NeuroMuscular & Massage Therapy (NMT) treatments:

  • A total of 17 appointments
  • First appointment is the initial consultation.    
  • Then 2 x 60 minute NMT appointments per week
  • Evaluations of you and the treatment as we progress - changing and adjusting where necessary to meet your needs.



Programme Value:

  • $1199     This includes the initial consultation, and the following 16 NMT treatments over the 8 week timeframe.  This is a saving of over $160.


  • NMT can manage or eliminate pain without medication, and its side effects, in many cases.
  • Your treatment plan is strategically designed for you and what you are presenting with. 
  • You will notice that you are feeling better from the very first massage treatment.
  • Committing to this 8 week treatment programme will get you results!


We are looking past your symptoms, to the root cause of your pain and developing your personal Turn Around Programme.

Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

Lower Back Pain?

To ease a lower back ache, just soften your knees.   You may have been locking your knees in place, leading to extra pressure on your sacro-iliac joint.


You're A Star

Just to let you know that yesterday's massage was fantastic.

I came to you tired and a bit wrecked and went away feeling great, nicely pampered, and then later even felt a bit energised.  No headaches either which is nice. - Michelle