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Sports Massage

Improve Your Personal Best

Sports massage is more than just a reward at the end of a training session.  It is a vital tool for keeping athletes (and weekend warriors) primed for top performance and can lengthen your sporting career.   Now recognised as an important part of a regular maintenance programme, sports massage is widely used by individuals, teams and clubs.

Importantly, unrelaxed muscles are unproductive muscles!  Also, being 'posture perfect' allows you to reach your Personal Best performance.


What are the Common Causes of Sports Injuries?

Injuries are commonly experienced when someone has just started training, over trains, fails to sufficiently warm-up, receives trauma or has muscular imbalances, poor flexibility, mineral deficiencies or inadequate endurance.

Who Has Julianne Worked With?

Julianne has worked with All Blacks, Super Twelve and NPC rugby teams, Ironman competitors, golfers, marathon runners, swimmers, cricketers, and people involved with various other sports.  She knows what muscles are particularly involved with your sport, and how to help you achieve the best result possible for you.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who works out.  Whether you are just starting a work out programme for the first time (and are feeling the burn!) or in training for an event, you will benefit.   Swimmers, weight lifters, runners, golfers, ball players, skaters, dancers, tennis players, musicians, as well as weekend athletes, have all benefited from Sports Massage.

Tips and Advice

Chest Pain?

If your doctor has confirmed that you have no heart problems, but the pain is still present, it could be pectoralis minor masquerading as heart pain via a trigger point.  

Now that you know it is a muscle, posture and stress combination (get your doctor to confirm this), book a series of 6 appointments with Julianne to get rid of this pain.   Together, we will design a plan to reduce your stress.


You're A Star

Just to let you know that yesterday's massage was fantastic.

I came to you tired and a bit wrecked and went away feeling great, nicely pampered, and then later even felt a bit energised.  No headaches either which is nice. - Michelle