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Julianne, a local Glenfield, Auckland resident, started her massage career back in 1999 when she began training at the New Zealand College of Massage.  Since then she's continued to expand her knowledge base and develop her massage techniques.

Having completed her Diploma of Therapeutic Massage in 2001, she was inspired by what she observed in her clients to study further strategic massage techniques to assist in improving people's posture and muscle balance.  As a result Julianne graduated again from the New Zealand College of Massage with a further Diploma in Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy in 2003.

Julianne's training and experience has allowed her to work with a variety of people over the years from those who work at a desk all day, intensely looking at a computer screen, to people on their feet all day, sports people, clients under stress experiencing headaches, lower back pain, and other pain syndromes.

Tips and Advice

Chest Pain?

If your doctor has confirmed that you have no heart problems, but the pain is still present, it could be pectoralis minor masquerading as heart pain via a trigger point.  

Now that you know it is a muscle, posture and stress combination (get your doctor to confirm this), book a series of 6 appointments with Julianne to get rid of this pain.   Together, we will design a plan to reduce your stress.



"Jules has magic hands, I come into her lovely environment and come out feeling brand new, revitalised and fantastic". - Glenys